Spreading the Word – In 2013, Maybelline introduced Color Whisper lip color. The line featured 20 soft shades with just a hint of color and a provocative tagline: Sometimes a whisper says more than a shout. The client challenged us to bring the tag to life with an engaging social campaign.

The Whisper Wall – To do just that, we created the Whisper Wall and let women across the country make a statement. On site, a user could choose from 20 provocative prompts inspired by shade names and speak their mind. She could also browse all whispers and explore top whispers from bloggers and influencers.

MAKING A STATEMENT – From the political If I became president to the flirtatious I look best in, each prompt was designed to stir up conversation and garner more than a bit of social sharing. And for more ambitious users, we even threw in a giveaway with the prompt If I had $5,000 I would. The answers were surprising, exciting and sometimes even controversial.

WHISPERING ACROSS THE WEB – The whisper campaign extended far beyond the site— with banners, emails and social activation. Each whisper was designed to be shared across different social channels. Shared whispers took the form of Facebook cover photos, individual pins, animated Tumblr gifs and more.

To fuel conversation, we even created adaptive Facebook posts encouraging people to rebel against Valentines Day, achieving 2x the engagement rate of regular content. A single email blast followed garnering 18,000 whispers in a single hour. Whispers were spreading and fast.

THE RESULTS: ONE BIG SHOUT – From the start, the numbers were promising. 89% of site visitors whispered. 17,0000 visitors shared socially. Over 18,000 people whispered in our first week alone. By the campaign’s end, there were over 255,908 whispers! The Whisper Wall was so popular that Maybelline kept it up long past the campaign’s end.

Hundred of thousands of whispers later, voices were heard and a whisper did indeed turn into a shout.