Relaunching a Pillar of the Blockchain Community

After almost six years as a pioneer media outlet in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, CoinDesk was one of the preeminent media brands providing news, data, research, and live events for the blockchain community and wider world.

But given the expansion of the business and its capabilities and encroaching challenger brands, no longer did justice to the brand or the talent of the team behind it.

CoinDesk tasked Code and Theory with redesigning their home for the future, making sure to engage stakeholders across the business—from the newsroom to the conference hall stage—to design a platform that would instantly upgrade CoinDesk’s capabilities and prestige and provide a robust roadmap for its future.

The Insight
CoinDesk employs the largest group of independent journalists dedicated to covering the blockchain ecosystem, and we believed that by connecting their work with CoinDesk’s data and live events we could show audiences the true and unique value that CoinDesk offers and in the process establish a powerful, defensible moat.

The Approach
We focused on designing a product system that could connect these three business pillars at scale, minimizing the need for manual human curation so that journalists could focus on storytelling. Our goal was to make for engaging for audiences, more lucrative for the business, and more useful within the blockchain ecosystem.

Bringing Data to the Fore
We redesigned how CoinDesk displayed currency and other data across the site to make it integrated everywhere and accessible from anywhere.

An Atomized Product System
Multiple content types — data, events, news, research, video, education, and more — can be distributed throughout the site as enhancements alongside relevant content from other sections, creating endless, edifying pathways for readers, event participants, and advertisers.

Value Over Volume
We modernized CoinDesk’s display advertising strategy and introduced both high impact custom advertising and sponsor content while building stakeholder consensus across the business.

In the end, our partnership with CoinDesk proved that innovative design is vital to keeping customers engaged in the ever-changing digital currency agency.