Indigo AG

Adopting Regenerative Practices with the Terraton Initiative

In the Summer of 2019, Indigo Agriculture tasked us to launch a movement called The Terraton Initiative.

The goal is to galvanize both individuals and corporations to back farmers in adopting regenerative practices. This shift in the way farming happens around the world has the potential to remove one trillion tons of carbon from the atmosphere—and ground it in the soil. In effect, this initiative can help reverse climate change.

We developed a brand system that reflects the Initiative’s ambitions to drive unprecedented change and boldly chart new territory on multiple fronts. We also created a content system and narrative that allowed us to maximize our engagement, distribution and impact across all audiences and touchpoints.

Each audience touchpoint required different methods of engagement to ensure we were moving forward in the most optimal ways. For example, we relied on the expertise of farmers to drive authentic content narratives, and that relationship was very collaborative. And when we presented to marketing teams, we formally adhered to a tight feedback cadence.

From ideation to launch, we brought Terraton to the fore, building the brand and making it known. To do this, we focused on creating content. We devised a fresh narrative and a framework to forge a pipeline for future publishing, including creating the tools to coherently guide the brand’s future experiences and expressions. Our goal was to not only do the work—but to effectively and efficiently engage myriad stakeholder groups throughout our process, including Marketing, Legal, Farmers, and Carbon SME’s.

Through flexibility and relationship building, we were able to deliver in just under eight weeks. Specifically, our output was a content calendar that informed its ongoing distribution strategy; original content for digital touchpoints from site to social; and detailed brand and verbal guidelines for it to leverage as the Terraton brand expands over time.


Brand and Visual Guidelines: A helpful guide to understanding the visual identity. It encompasses key use cases for all of the visual hallmarks of the brand—so that we can provide a consistent, cohesive experience across touchpoints.

Content Creation: We created seven detailed articles and sourced imagery for topics: The Science, Farmers Voices, and Industry News. We also found imagery and wrote copy for all the general modules on the site as well as providing guidelines on how to source additional images to support the copy. We’ve also made recommendations on the additional types of content Terraton can create and how often it should be publishing content.

Copy Playbook: We’ve created a copy playbook that addresses the tone and style that should be leveraged when writing additional content.

Social Media Campaign: This included creative strategy, copy, design and a playbook for social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Product Vision: This document describes our initial thinking up until this point for Terraton’s Product Vision including: the ecosystem, product vision framework, Terraton Initiatives, website feature ideation and ways to connect core audiences.