A New Hub for New Yorkers to Grow Their Businesses

In the fall of 2018, Code and Theory kicked off an endeavor to reimagine the digital domains of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) as a new hub for New Yorkers to take pride and invest in the development of their own city.

Throughout our year-long partnership, we brought to life NYCEDC’s passion for New York City and its people with immersive storytelling, stunning and vibrant visual design, and clear and focused navigational pathways. Our current engagement includes strategy, design, development, content strategy and creation, and usability testing.

Aid User Discovery — We redesigned the site’s information architecture and taxonomy to enable more fluid pathing structures and page linking. This creates better connections between projects, programs and success stories, ultimately empowering NYC businesses to discover the right opportunities and take action.

Enable Task Completion — Utilizing best practices for form design and lead-generation funnels, the site helps users submit for bids, find the right incentives and training programs, and, when stuck, reach out to the right contact with pointed questions.

Impress with Visual Presentation — The design pays homage to the city it represents: dynamic, premium and forward-thinking. Best-in-class visual and interaction design adhering to modern responsive web practices are assets we bring to every project.

Inform and Inspire — Along with comprehensive editorial guidelines, we authored nearly 40 pages of site copy from project pages to employee profiles, shaping NYCEDC’s tone and voice: expert, inclusive, innovative and transparent.

With everything we build, we create products that can maximize annuities as time goes on. We crafted a design system that can support a wide variety of content needs, striking the right balance between cinematic visual modules and scannable text-based modules, allowing content editors to create beautiful bespoke pages in the future.