Plan Your Wildest Year Yet

At the end of 2022, a time when most brands were looking back, YETI was already looking forward. Introducing, Year In Preview, engineered and designed by Code and Theory to be a first-of-its-kind interactive digital experience that inspired users to generate their very own custom calendar, complete with a customized hype video to prepare them for the year ahead.


  • 200M+ Impressions
  • 9% Add to calendar rate
  • 1st Of its kind interactive calendar
  • Webby Award winner for Best Website — Travel
  • Fast Company winner for Marketing in Innovation by Design Awards

Key Takeaways

  1. Built personalized content + calendar for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere
  2. Engineered to dynamically render 635+ videos from code
  3. Curated over 135+ events from hunt, fish, rodeo, bbq, snow, surf, & climb communities
  4. Designed, built and launched in 8 weeks
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A Personalized Year of Events In Just 4 Clicks

YETI fans are eager to the live the wild lifestyle, and we helped show them the way. After choosing their interests and music preference, users were delivered a customized list of event recommendations to add to their calendar, as well as a personalized highlight reel to stoke the fire — all in a matter of seconds.

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Your 2023 Year in Preview

More than buying coolers and drinkware, YETI wants to make the outdoors more accessible and inspire people to get out there. Year In Preview made good on that promise, surveying user’s interests (fishing, hunting, climbing, surfing, snow, ranch and rodeo, or BBQ) across 130 possible events and tailoring calendar recommendations to match, so they could experience nature and put their products to good use.

Synchronous Design and Development

We collaborated with YETI from concept to execution and launch. Our design and development teams were in lockstep in ensuring over 635 video variations were created to account for every possible combination of outdoor activities and music. Not only did this create a smooth, customized experience with instant results for the user, but also made it possible to launch in only 8 weeks.

“We always talk about “the year in review” but why not look forward? YETI’s Year in Preview does just that! It makes it simple to plan and add that extra stoke level to your upcoming year.”
Camille Egdorf | Fly Fishing Guide

Making Waves


From Fast Company to Travel and Leisure, the world quickly took notice after launch, latching onto Year In Preview as a must-have tool for outdoor enthusiasts. The blend of utility, interactivity, and one-of-a-kind content made the experience headline worthy.

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