Aug 8 2017

Voting for SXSW 2018 PanelPicker just opened and we’d love your support in getting Code and Theory submissions picked! We're hoping to show up big this year with three great talks and know that every vote counts.

Vote here for a solo talk on new media by Code and Theory Co-Founder, Dan Gardner. Dan will be sharing his unique insight into how the emergence of new platforms is impacting brand storytelling. 


We’re also excited at the prospect of managing partner Michael Treff joining Nick Ascheim, SVP of Digital at NBC News for a dual session on NBC’s redesign and all that goes into bringing a legacy media brand into a new era. Vote here and find more detail on NBC’s redesign here!


For those of you that enjoy hands on learning, Associate Design Director at Code and Theory New York, Trista Yard will be exploring how spatial techniques can create effective solutions for evolving responsive design. Trista is passionate about building unique experiences and will talk about exploring viewport space in innovate ways such as; dimensional movements, contextual scrolling, progressive disclosure and prototyping. Vote here