Code and Theory

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As working professionals, most of us were taught not to see color. Being “politically correct” was the common—and highly misguided—goal. So we deftly danced around truths that felt too personal or awkward. Now, we as an agency are no longer looking away and are confronting that discomfort head on. Because many of us have been too comfortable for too long.

Here is where we stand:

DEI by Race
2 DEI by race YOY
3 DEI by gender 1

We take responsibility for being a part of the problem that has fostered an industry with inequities that are uneasy at best and illegal at worst. Here’s our truth: Code and Theory is a company that was founded and is run by white men. In this, we are not unique, but we formally acknowledge the need for change. It is no longer enough to say we are trying. So in our ranks, our work and our ways, we are committed to educating ourselves and to driving measurable and impactful change.

We acknowledge that we will not solve systemic racial discrimination, but we approach this process of progress with openness and clarity. At Code and Theory, this is not a moment in time, but the start of the next evolution of our company.

Here is where we're going:

We get there through three impact pillars that compose our current, active efforts:



We are committed to being a company that reflects the world we want to live in. We have created year-round paid internships in every department, with a goal of attracting, nurturing and ultimately hiring BIPOC talent.



Interrogating diversity, equity and inclusion in everything that we make and do. We have developed a new framework for inclusive design that ensures our work embraces all people and reflects the lived experiences of all audiences. We are also mindfully evaluating new business opportunities with new criteria.



We are uplifting perspectives by diversifying our conversations, and mentoring individuals and groups, both formally and informally. We are continuing our commitment to meaningful trainings and facilitations that break down barriers and foster personal and professional growth.

We are also tracking our growth, celebrating our wins and advocating loudly for equity in this industry. Whether you are an employee, client, friend, job-seeker or curious mind, we invite you to reach out, ask anything and watch this space for progress.