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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


  • We are committed to:
  • Being a company that reflects the world we want to live in
  • Integrating DE&I in everything we make and do
  • Uplifting perspectives by diversifying our conversations

At Code and Theory, we firmly believe that inclusion has to be at the core of everything we do and create. As an agency, we are committed to implementing this philosophy into our work for our clients.

As a result, we recently launched our Inclusive Design and Marketing Strategy discipline, the first holistic transformation unit dedicated to ensuring every agency output is inclusive at its core; helping brands resonate with today’s diverse consumers, and increase retention among employees.

Learn more about our Inclusive Design and Marketing Strategy Discipline here.

Inequities abound. Full stop. It’s no secret that there are huge imbalances and injustices in our industry and in the wider professional world. That’s why we’re working to make Code and Theory a place that’s different. A place that’s better for all of us, not just for a select few. A place where we all challenge the status quo. We’ve made loud and proud commitments to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive agency. One where everyone — and we mean everyone — can thrive, personally and professionally, no matter what. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Implemented an agency-wide strategy focused on making measurable, transformational change, 5% at a time

  • Created an employee-driven guide to inclusive language

  • Took on over 1,000 hours of pro bono work this year

And we’re just getting started. Read on to learn about what we're building at Code and Theory.

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Who you'll meet here:

Our office? It should look a lot more like the world outside our doors. That’s why we’ve committed to more inclusive recruiting — with a focus on historically excluded candidates from queer, senior, Indigenous, and Black and brown communities. Everyone deserves to show up at work as their whole self and feel comfortable and heard.

For us, inclusivity doesn’t stop at recruiting. It means supporting and celebrating employees and communities once they’re here too. To start, we’ve created a Student Loan Repayment Program. With this monthly subsidy,* we’re on track to help our employees pay down over $100,000 worth of student debt this year. So our people are able to do more with their salaries.

*Eligible after six months of employment

We also elevate and support our staff through our internship program by training and converting the majority of our interns to full-time employment. And with professional development opportunities, we support historically excluded employees while they hone their skills and develop new ones.

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The kind of work you’ll be proud to make

Our work has to be inclusive — to the core. Not just because it’s good for the world — but because it’s good business. That’s the bar.



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Charting a New Path for an Iconic Institution. Together.

Work is work and pro bono projects are no exception. In 2022, Code and Theory completed 1,208 total hours of pro bono work. This year, a nonprofit got a fresh new rebrand and a popular LGBTQIA+ dating app began to think more equitably.

We can’t predict the future, but we do know that brands need to evolve. The digital world is changing, because the world is changing. That presents an opportunity to meet the needs of historically excluded communities. Brands just need the right partner to guide them. That’s where our Inclusive Marketing & Design Discipline comes in; this team brings equity and inclusion to the forefront of brand thinking and doing. Where it belongs.

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What it’s like when you’re here

In every review 1 of the 3 questions are how did you contribute to DEI? That’s because we're expected to devote time to bettering the company — for ourselves and for our peers. Learning is a group effort, an inclusive effort, and builds our culture.

We don’t just talk, we act. We offer meaningful training and workshops to break down barriers and start conversations. We want to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion where we can all share our experiences and learn from one another. Take a look at some of what we’ve been up to below.

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Our Goals

Who we want to be

Even as we move toward creating a more equitable workforce, we know we have further to go. We're ready to put in the work.

To become a more inclusive agency, we’re building DE&I into everything we do. But transformation is only possible through intentional, powerful change. Hiring is the first way we’re working toward this, and purposeful client and vendor relationships are also part of our plan.

At Code and Theory, we’re running head first into the world we want to live in, tracking our growth, and celebrating the wins (big and small) along the way. Now we have something to ask of other agencies—join us. How are you being loud and proud about equity? How are you becoming more inclusive in the work you make? Because only together can we hold each other accountable and finally dismantle the systemic discrimination that has afflicted our industry for too long.

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