Press | January 28th 2015

Bloomberg Launches its Flagship Digital Destination

Bloomberg released an official press release this morning to announce the new, designed by Code and Theory:

NEW YORK, NY – Bloomberg today announced the launch of Bloomberg Business, the company’s flagship digital destination that unifies its most powerful media assets to deliver a modern news experience, built for today’s global web consumer. Microsoft Corporation is the global sponsor of the launch.

Bloomberg Business is the centerpiece of Bloomberg’s new media strategy, first announced by Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith in March 2014. Bloomberg aims to build the leading, next-generation media company for global business by creating a portfolio of digitally-led, multi-platform brands that broaden Bloomberg’s core audience beyond its traditional finance roots, towards global business.


Bloomberg Business will combine and replace and The mobile-first site is powered by a new cutting-edge, custom technology platform developed within Bloomberg internally. Bloomberg Business carries the editorial DNA of Bloomberg News – factual, reliable, credible, authoritative, lightning-fast journalism at a global scale, and of Businessweek – one of the most lauded magazines in the world, with hallmark design and deep, insightful, sharp, and at times, irreverent reporting.

For the first time ever, a digital editorial team, led by Bloomberg Media’s Chief Digital Content Officer Joshua Topolsky, will marry the strengths of Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg’s digital video operation, with ambitious new web original content – all on the Bloomberg Business platform.

Bloomberg Business will be the company’s digital home for its most authoritative, influential, and engaging stories – aimed at the smartest readers and global business decision makers – at the speed and with the metabolism of the modern web.

“Over the last twenty years, the global business landscape has changed at lightning speed, while traditional business media, in its presentation, utility, and design, has largely failed to keep up,” said Smith. “At the heart of our vision is an opportunity to marry the best of traditional media’s journalism values – accuracy, reliability, credibility – with the exciting emerging forms of journalistic storytelling and innovation coming out of pure play digital media. The launch of Bloomberg Business is a significant step in our goal to build the next-generation global business media company that operates across all platforms: digital, print, television, radio, and live events.”

“It’s a reinvention of how we bring our news to the world. It’s faster, smarter, and frankly bigger than anything we’ve done before – and it’s uniquely digital, built for a global web audience, and designed to deliver the right news at the right time,” said Joshua Topolsky, Editor of Bloomberg Digital and Chief Digital Content Officer. “But we’re not just delivering the news: we’re bringing readers the smart stories that really matter, context when and how they need it, and thoughtful reporting that goes way beyond the first word.”

“Across all our platforms, we’re building advertising solutions that are as innovative and consumer-driven as the editorial environment in which they live,” said Bloomberg Media Group COO Jacki Kelley. “With Microsoft as our global launch sponsor, Bloomberg Business delivers a series of new ad products that allow our sponsors to tell their unique stories and provide the best opportunity for engagement. Further, Bloomberg’s high-speed data crunching abilities have been renowned in the financial services sector for decades. For the first time, we are now fully harnessing that data superiority for the benefit of advertisers, which gives us the ability to provide deeper and faster insights.”

“Microsoft is pleased to be the global launch sponsor of Bloomberg Business. We are constantly looking for new and deeper ways to engage our customers across channels and screens, and working with Bloomberg Business will make that possible,” said Kathleen Hall, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Global Advertising & Media.

The site’s modern design goes far beyond simply placing stories on a web page: it’s a cutting-edge, responsive canvas that looks to the future, while drawing on the best of digital, mobile, and traditional print design. The site builds on the established heritage of design excellence at Businessweek, utilizing design as a differentiator.

Bloomberg Business is a rich, highly-curated, visual news experience, tackling everything from fast-twitch breaking news to the deepest, most beautifully designed long-form pieces, all on a uniquely digital platform.


The first new multi-platform brand in the strategy was Bloomberg Politics, which debuted on October 6th and leads political coverage across all Bloomberg platforms. It includes a new website,, a robust digital video operation and the new television show, “With All Due Respect,” which airs on Bloomberg TV and streams live on

A series of additional new multi-platform brands, similar to Bloomberg Politics, are being developed: Bloomberg Markets, Bloomberg Technology, and Bloomberg Pursuits (a luxury brand) – which provide deeper, more specific experiences in those topic areas.

Bloomberg Markets, Bloomberg Technology, and Bloomberg Pursuits are debuting as channels today, attached to Bloomberg Business, as they are still growing and being developed.

Similar to the Bloomberg Politics and Bloomberg View brands – which have their own full teams and a standalone presence on the web – the Markets, Technology, and Pursuits channels will grow and eventually launch as full multi-platform brands, with their own distinct look, feel and functionality, communities, social presence, and possible television components.


Bloomberg Business harnesses the strength of the company’s technology assets to present its journalism in a new way, serving the broader global business consumer on the web.

The site has homegrown design, built from the ground up, with an extremely modern look, feel, and functionality.

– It’s fully responsive for every screen size

– Mobile-first design delivers an app-like experience.

– Custom, proprietary modular technology enables editors to remix, rearrange, and reshape the site in near infinite ways.

– Built on a custom front-end rendering engine called Brisket, it’s a lightning-fast news reading experience.

– Each sub-channel, despite having a fully distinct look and feel from the homepage, can live on the homepage as editors see fit.

– The platform empowers journalists to tell the right story at the right time in the right place.


Bloomberg Business – and all of Bloomberg’s new media products – will offer new advertising products that allow a partner to tell its unique story and provide the best opportunity for engagement.

Underlying all of these products is Bloomberg data superiority, delivering insight and unique paths to increased engagement.

Microsoft is the global launch sponsor of Bloomberg Business. As part of the collaboration, Bloomberg will be developing a homepage takeover unit on Bloomberg Business that will activate in late January, followed by an innovative, never-done-before Checkerboard unit, which will unveil in February.

Additional new custom content offerings include:

Bloomberg Spectrum: A full suite of creative options designed to maximize impact and engagement, working with the scrolling motion of users to bring messaging to life through parallax, 5D, and other animation techniques.

Bloomberg Premiere: Proprietary ad experiences that allow a partner to showcase its message and/or product within the distinct content sections of the site, giving consumers a completely immersive experience.

– All custom content is built seamlessly into the modular scroll of Bloomberg Business and offers all types of storytelling, including data visualizations, video, proprietary rankings and more.


Bloomberg Business, and all the new properties that are part of Bloomberg’s consumer media strategy, now take advantage of the power of all of Bloomberg’s global news operation:

– With 2,400 journalists in more than 150 bureaus in 73 countries, Bloomberg News produces more than 5,000 stories a day and is syndicated to more than 1,000 media outlets across more than 60 countries.

– Three global print magazines: Bloomberg Businessweek, with a circulation of nearly one million, and Bloomberg Markets and Bloomberg Pursuits, which reach the highest average household income audience in the business magazine industry.

– A global television network available in more than 360 million homes worldwide across more than 70 countries. Bloomberg TV is also available via livestream on Bloomberg’s digital and mobile properties, along with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.

– A robust digital video operation that leverages the resources and infrastructure of Bloomberg’s global television network and reaches 80 million monthly streams and 9.4 million unique vistors.

– A radio operation that broadcasts nationally via SiriusXM Radio on WBBR 1130AM in the Greater New York area; on WXKS 1200 AM in Boston; on KNEW 960 AM in San Francisco and is syndicated to 290 radio affiliates throughout the country covering 41 of the top 50 markets.

– A live events business, Bloomberg LIVE, which leverages the resources of a global news and information organization to convene events that break news and generate content in live and digital forums.

Contact for Bloomberg:
Amanda Cowie
+1 212-617-1689

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