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Code and Theory, a Stagwell (STGW) Network Company, Named Ad Age Business Transformation Agency of the Year

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Technology-first creative agency drives record results for its A-List clients

NEW YORK – Code and Theory, part of Stagwell (STGW), has been named the Ad Age Business Transformation Agency of the Year. The technology-first creative agency was recognized for its ability to drive significant results for its clients.

Code and Theory is the only agency with 50% engineers and 50% creatives at scale. This balance provides a competitive advantage for clients looking to build their brands, experiences, platforms and capabilities to accelerate growth and deliver proven long-term value.

To better serve its roster of blue-chip clients, Code and Theory doubled down on technology, struck expansive new partnerships and added key executives.

Code and Theory’s work drove significant results for its clients. Highlights include:

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Code and Theory made significant moves throughout the year, inking a first-of-its-kind partnership with Oracle to deliver AI at scale while also developing deep partnerships with Figma and Yext to offer new solutions. Recognizing that inclusion is the biggest moral and ethical opportunity of our time, it launched Beyond Words, the industry’s first inclusive language guide and certification program.

Code and Theory was named one of Fast Company’s Design Companies of the Year. Its executives have been in demand, speaking at Davos, Web Summit, SXSW and other top events about harnessing AI and other key aspects of emerging technologies.

Co-founder and Executive Chairman Dan Gardner says, “Technology remains undefeated in transforming the business landscape. We have always solved our clients’ challenges by focusing on technology-first creative solutions. It’s great to win an award that accurately portrays what we do for our clients every day. Business transformation is what drives impactful, long-term growth for our clients.”

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Code and Theory CEO Michael Treff says, “We are at an inflection point for clients looking to undergo true business transformation. As an agency that is 50% engineers and 50% creative, we can not only meet our clients' immediate needs but also put them on a path to harness technology for the long term. We can help them use technology to drive ROI versus being a cost center and drag on growth. Sometimes, it’s introducing new products and services that push toward the edge of what’s possible. Sometimes it’s the acquisition of customers. Sometimes, it’s repositioning the business itself. Often, it’s all of the above. To be able to innovate alongside our partners at the companies we work with each day is an inspiration. And when we see the impact of our work, that’s all the affirmation we need.”

Stagwell CEO Mark Penn says, “Code and Theory knows how to impact clients’ businesses. They’ve been at the forefront of technology-led creativity for more than two decades. It’s their comfort zone. Their ability to build capabilities that drive business transformation and premium customer experiences is best in class. Whether it’s their partnership with Oracle to enable AI at scale or industry-leading collaboration with Figma, they continue to fearlessly leverage technology as a multiplier while others are scrambling to figure it out.”

About Code and Theory Network

Code and Theory Network is the only network with a balance of 50% creative and 50% engineers at scale. The technology-first group within Stagwell Group is built to partner with businesses to navigate the complexity of changing consumer behaviors, emerging technologies and AI. With a global footprint and the capabilities to work across the entire consumer journey, we crave the hardest problems to solve. The network includes the flagship agency Code and Theory as well as Kettle, Mediacurrent, Rhythm and Truelogic. Code and Theory clients include Amazon Ads, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, MSNBC, NFL, Pfizer and Zappos. For more, visit