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Beyond Words: An Inclusive Language Guide

Inclusion is the most important moral, ethical and economic priority brands have faced in decades.

Personalization is inclusive in nature. However, consumers feel disinterest when brand comms, user experience, product design, and services center on only one experience. Just as Digital Transformation is an approach to integrate everything in today's digital world, Inclusion is an approach that deepens the conversation, widens the funnel, and enhances innovation.

At Code and Theory, we’re committed to partnering with our clients to evolve their brands with our Inclusive Design & Marketing Strategy discipline – the first holistic unit exploring intersectionality as a prism to unlock transformational value for brands.

Our Practice Pillars

These four pillars hold up all the work that we do:

  1. Vulnerability
    Vital to gaining trust, developing valuable insights and growing cultural competency
  2. Accessibility
    Knowledge of consumers’ social, mental, emotional, and physical abilities and needs
  3. Intersectionality
    Deep understanding of how consumers are impacted at the intersection of multiple systems of oppression
  4. Accountability
    Developing bespoke methods to track and measure impact

Some of our work:

Washington Football Team

A name that forges new, inclusive ideas about how we can command unity, respect, and the future — together.

Washington Football Team | Charting A New Path For An Iconic Institution


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, we developed a campaign that rallied an all-star cast of today’s change makers.

adidas Superstar | Change Is A Team Sport

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Beyond Words: An Inclusive Language Guide

When brands use inclusive language, they invite communities in, grow their audiences and create brand love with consumers they may have failed to recognize in the past.

We are proud to share "Beyond Words", Code & Theory's Inclusive Writing Guide with our industry and with the world. Beyond Words is a comprehensive resource that explores origins of commonly used language, underlying biases in the language describing identity and ways to drive equity through our words.

Explore the making of the guide and download here.

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