News | July 9th 2014

Fast Company on Cosmopolitan's Site Relaunch

In a story published today in Fast Company's Design section, reporter Ainsley O'Connell dove deep into the design system behind the new


Co.Design features Hearst's new publishing design system
Reporter Ainsley O'Connell calls it a "significant leap forward"

The site, which was designed in collaboration with Code and Theory and developed by Hearst Magazines' Digital Media division, debuted yesterday.

Cosmopolitan was the first Hearst title to debut on an entirely new flexible, scalable, global design platform that will eventually power 18 properties within the Hearst Magazines portfolio.

The new system is a significant leap forward in a famously conservative industry.
Ainsley O'Connell | Reporter, Fast Company

In her report, O'Connell said the new system represented a "win for Hearst sales and marketing," commenting on the simple analytics system that powers both original articles and native advertisement inventory.

She also commented how design features like endless scrolling and oversized social sharing buttons have made the site "more welcoming than ever" to Cosmo's mobile visitors, which makes up close to 70 percent of the site's digital audience.

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