News | January 10th 2019

The Drum | C&T's Dan Gardner Weighs in on the Bonobos Campaign

Creative Director's Choice: Code and Theory's Dan Gardner on the 'masculinity' Bonobos Campaign

Consumers want to see their brands stand for something. People engage with brands that drive social good and take part in culture and politics. A recent example that I think does this well is the campaign for Bonobos created by Observatory Agency.

When you search “masculine” in the dictionary, it’s defined as strength and aggressiveness – reinforcing antiquated gender norms. Synonyms like macho, vigorous and rugged come up, pigeonholing men into a category that limits their ability to truly express the complex facets of their identities. The definition is out of touch with a post-modern version of masculinity that Bonobos is bringing to people’s attention.

With the #EvolveTheDefinition campaign, Bonobos progresses the brand from a men’s clothing brand to the brand that fits all men.

Strategically, I like it because the campaign uses a content-rich approach through the entire ecosystem and is not just a ‘campaign video.’ It had a cultural relevance via the launch at the ESPYs, and extended through social and digital in a way that put storytelling at the center. This is all anchored by my favorite part of the campaign – the website. When you get to the landing page, you scroll freely through the 172 interviews, slapping you in the face that the general, outdated definition of “masculine” does not describe the men on the screen. All of the touchpoints with the campaign provide an education into a deeper experience.

The message was polarizing, but it showed the brand stood for something and ultimately, it had an overwhelmingly positive response that paid off with business results. It’s inspiring to see a fashion brand that knows their product isn’t only their clothes, but also their ethos – and marketing that ethos made for an inspiring campaign.

via The Drum