News | November 13th 2014

FastCoDesign on Redesign


Co.Design reporter Rebecca Greenfield spoke with Code and Theory Managing Partner Mike Treff and the State of New York's deputy secretary of technology Rachel Haot about the design thinking behind the new, launched this week.

"We should have a design that puts them at the center," said Haot when asked about how the team decided on the look, feel and user experience of the new website.

"The new website does just that," wrote Greenfield.

It was about creating a useful, functional design system that would solve for a multitude of use cases.
Mike Treff | Managing Partner, Product Design Group, Code and Theory

For 15 years, the structure and design of hadn't changed. The latest overhaul represents a much more user-centered design, and has transformed the government site into a more intuitive and elegant experience.

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