Event | May 7th 2015

Collision 2015 | Designing for Systems, Not Channels

On Wednesday, May 6, Code and Theory co-founder Dan Gardner presented at Collision Conference, Web Summit's sister event in Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project, Las Vegas.

Gardner's keynote – "Designing for Systems, Not Channels" – touched on how changes in content formats, search and consumption behaviors, devices, and social influence have all impacted the way brands & publishers create consumer experiences.


Dan Gardner, co-founder at Code and Theory
"When thinking about design, less is not necessarily more. Think 'more, but simpler.'"

What is Collision Conference

Collision Conference is one of the world’s most prestigious technology conferences of the year. Nearly 7,000 attendees gather in Downtown Las Vegas for 2 days of presentations from thought leaders across advertising, technology, design and business.