AI Services and Opportunities

How to Get Ready for a New Era of Anticipation

AI Has a Problem

  • 58% of AI initiatives fail to fulfill their original business objectives or strategic expectations.
  • 61% of customers have abandoned a purchase because of a bad AI personalization experience.
  • 70% of executives believe their employees don’t have the expertise to utilize AI effectively. Source.

It’s time to redefine how organizations approach AI design, strategy and implementation. We need to solve for human behavior — not technical feasibility.

Code and Theory brings more than a decade of tangible experience building, tinkering and implementing AI. We partner with organizations to unlock a durable competitive advantage by making AI work for humans (people, customers and teams).

Our planning, design, technical development and implementation accounts for the organizational, cultural and user needs to ensure AI adoption at speed and scale.

What's YOUR next AI initiative?

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How we help organizations overcome internal barriers to deliver the most of AI

  • 01

    Understand the human element and design for it

    Both the users engaging with AI, their needs, their fears and their goals, and the stakeholders responsible for adopting and implementing AI.

  • 02

    Establish a shared vision and create alignment

    To drive alignment across disparate teams and stakeholders.

  • 03

    Identify the right use cases for business impact

    Not every problem is right for an AI solution. Deep strategic rigor is needed to focus on the problems if solved will deliver the biggest impact.

  • 04

    Creative and iterative design experimentation

    There is too much vaporware and theory with AI. We believe in making and testing concepts in the real world.

  • 05

    Foster an ethical culture for AI innovation

    Change management and consensus building ensure key stakeholders and users within an organization live up to a shared set of values and an ethical culture.

Amplifying AI — Onstage

Don and Dan at Web Summit Rio

We spearheaded an AI-focused conversation with our client, Qualcomm CMO Don McGuire, and Code and Theory Founder and Executive Chairman Dan Gardner at Web Summit Lisbon. Dan and Don explored why AI works best when it’s personalized, not simply reactive. As Dan says, “Then, we can think about humanization.” Watch the video to listen to the full discussion.

When working with marketing partners like Code and Theory, a unique creative perspective that works with AI is what’s going to set a company apart.
Don McGuire | Chief Marketing Officer, Qualcomm
Web summit rio

Code and Theory's Founder and Executive Chairman, Dan Gardner, delivered a keynote about AI and design transformation at Web Summit Rio to an audience of more than 5,000 marketing, product and technology leaders from around the world. He explored a new paradigm of design transformation that addresses today's challenges, illuminates the role of AI in digital transformation and highlights how to increase an organization's readiness for change. Watch the full discussion above.

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AI - At Work

Harnessing AI for Tipico's Audience Personas

We partnered with European sportsbook Tipico for a campaign designed to help them crack into the top 5 sportsbooks in Ohio.

We leveraged ChatGPT to create living AI personas. These synthetic humans not only answered our questions, they delivered real-time, effective '4th-party' data that helped Tipico beat every one of their campaign goals. Explore the work.

Tipico Hero

Our partnership with Tipico harnessing AI proved so impactful that it earned The Drum Award for Digital Industries - AI.

What's Your Next AI Initiative?

While everyone is focusing on technology, we believe in a human-first approach to AI. This era of prompting AI will be very short. Instead, the tech will allow our clients to meet consumer needs before they’ve even thought about them.

Get in touch and let's discuss how to bring it to life.