At Code and Theory, Associate Creative Copy Directors don’t just take assignments or fill in blanks; they ask questions and contribute solutions to create exceptional work. Through the articulate lens of the copy discipline, you solve business problems through words. Whether through ideation and dimensionalization of an idea across channels, changing the way a brand is perceived, or translating a strategic concept to be consumer-facing, you work in multi-disciplinary groups everyday to produce potent and charismatic work. 




As a brand writer, you possess an already focused range of skills and an aching desire to hone them further. You’re proud of the quality of your produced work but are never satisfied to rest on your laurels, always striving to push forward your creative boundaries with each task or project.  An easy collaborator and conceptor, you move with presence and equilibrium between varying clients and teams, bolstering where necessary and leading as requisite. 


Here are the main forms your (stellar!) future work will take:


  • Long Form: Apply journalistic sensibilities to pull the lead through the needle’s eye and thread a narrative, ranging from articles to manifestos
  • Concepting: Brainstorm in diverse groups to generate creative ideas, on-strategy campaigns and answer briefs
  • Scriptwriting: Compose vivid treatments and scripts that tell stories through both voice over and supers. 
  • Naming: Brainstorm to produce names and rationale that exhibit strategic, linguistic creativity
  • Deck Writing: Effectively explain conceptual ideas and develop an argument with impactful cadence
  • Campaign Copy: Nuance a campaign message across multiple platforms and contexts
  • Wayfinding: Your work could live in experiential environments in which leading the way (in unique contexts) is key



  • 5+ years of creative experience, including time at a digital agency
  • Campaign ideation and execution, across multiple touchpoints
  • Leadership skills to help helm copy-driven work and write up a group’s ideas
  • The ability to shift voice and tone to suit a broad range of brands
  • Positive outlook and optimistic attitude and a genuine care for creating good work
  • Comfort with over the phone or in person presentations



Associate Creative Copy Directors should be able to work independently; we definitely don’t have the time or desire to micromanage ;) Those who do well here recognize opportunities and collaborate harmoniously to actualize them- at Code and Theory you have the agency to shape your experience, so why not gird your loins and go for it, to elevate both yourself and your skills to heights previously unattainable.