United Technologies

Uniting a Quarter Million Employees Under One Platform

United Technologies is partnering with Code and Theory to develop and socialize a vision for the new employee experience, starting with an elaborate product roadmap that encompasses all legacy and new technologies to design a series of innovative experiences engaging all 250,000 employees at a new level.

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250,000 Employees

  • 51% Disengaged across all categories
  • 21% Worker bees
  • 28% Climbers & all-stars

United Technologies is facing two main challenges:

  1. Many employees don’t feel engaged or invested.
  2. The amount of digital touchpoints has ballooned over time, which is overwhelming for users and doesn’t serve HR/communication purposes.

We performed several weeks of employee research using surveys, individual in-person and remote interviews across a representative panel of UTC employees. This research has led to the conclusion that the main goal of the new digital ecosystem is to better serve employees and increase their levels of overall engagement.

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Exploring and Testing a Range of Opportunities

No single solution in the market can fit all the needs or challenges that UTC is facing. Before looking at any technical solutions, we generated and tested a wide range of concepts for the most critical needs from communications, productivity, and HR standpoints.

More than 15 concepts were generated and tested using medium resolution prototypes on both mobile and desktop, through individual in-person and remote interviews.

The collected data and insights were used to further validate our assumptions in terms of problems and employee mindsets.

A Unified Publishing System to Serve All Business Units

One of the key series of touchpoints developed for UTC is dedicated to increase the sentiment of shared culture and innovation throughout the organization. We are creating a unified publishing system that serves a wide range of communication touchpoints for all Business Units to benefit from.

From top-down corporate communication to employee stories, hyper-localized content is distributed on digital wall signage and throughout the unified publishing platform to serve all employees.

Employee Profile: The Cornerstone of the Ecosystem

The new UTC Employee Experience Platform is being rebuilt to collect and serve back relevant data to all 250,000 employees. Starting with: a new employee on-boarding experience, coaching and training, content distribution, and networking. Employee profiles and data are the key components of the new ecosystem.

Code and Theory and UTC are partnering to assess all existing systems and technical needs in order to architect the new layer of connectors and APIs that constitute the new User Profile.

Change Management and Socialization Are Part of the Project

Conducting a project of this size requires a large commitment and support from many areas of the organization—from technology, to communications, to HR, to specific Business Units. UTC is conducting a large socialization campaign to identify champions and generate support for the program across the organization.

To support the UTC Employee Experience Core Team, we built a socialization plan that touches the three main layers of employees: executive stakeholders from main BUs and departments, local communications and HR advocates, and larger target groups.