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Big Vision Demands Big Ideas

Publishing magnate Tina Brown teamed up with media mogul Barry Diller to reimagine the world of online news and advertising. Code and Theory brought together its core strengths–experience in advertising and content delivery–to execute the vision.

What they wanted was easy to say but hard to define: the holy grail of digital publishing. They needed a news site, with a magazine's zeal; it had to balance original reporting, photography, and well-curated aggregate content—all while reflecting Mrs. Brown's editorial sensibility. Of course, its sponsors would need unobtrusive and well-considered placements that connected a brand story to The Daily Beast's well-educated core and influential audience.

Finding a Creative Solution

It began by taking a look at the world of online information. There was a wealth of content, but in its breadth, it lacked the strong narrative through line that would create a great online experience. The solution would have to solve multiple problems at once.

The information architecture we landed on was creative, bold, and risk-taking—arriving at four main features that drive the interface:

  • The Cheat Sheet
  • The Big Fat Story
  • The Buzz Board
  • Blogs & Stories

The balanced front-end system showcases the site's numerous products without sacrificing the importance of any particular one.

The final results maintained the flexibility to deliver relevant, new format ad-units that could be tailored to discerning brands and readers.

For those running the show, a custom content management system allows creators to editorialize and display content in an infinite number of ways.

Feed the Beast

Balancing the information architecture, design, and development of the site while under an unprecedented timeline gave us the chance to flex our creative problem-solving muscles.

Since its launch, The Daily Beast quickly became part of the digital news canon. In its first few weeks online, millions of visitors flocked to the site and stayed there, securing the new publication a large readership that continues to this day.