Guggenheim Partners

Guggenheim Partners

A united digital vision for one of the world's most innovative investment managers.

Guggenheim Partners was founded in 1999 by Peter Lawson-Johnston II, the great-grandson of Solomon R. Guggenheim—a renowned American businessman, art collector, and philanthropist. Today, the firm manages more than 240 billion dollars in assets globally.

A Hidden Digital Prowess

As one of the world’s leading private investment banking and asset management firms, Guggenheim Partners has a rich history of thought leadership, particularly in the areas of technology and its impact on markets. However, the firm’s ability to market and present its insights, thought leadership, and rich history lagged behind competitors. In response, the firm partnered with Code and Theory to refresh the design of its company website——and, in tandem, redesign its mutual fund site,

As the modernization of a prestigious company’s identity was at stake, the challenge extended beyond designing and developing a website.

How can a digital solution help clients locate and utilize the firm’s wealth of knowledge? 

How can Guggenheim Partners demonstrate their storied history of financial leadership while keeping people coming back?

Guggenheim Partners

Connect History to Present Day

To pay homage to 130 years of rich history, the new uses the firm’s vast archive of photos as a visual representation of its unwavering commitment to its clients. Throughout the site, large, impactful motif images juxtapose historical photographs of family members alongside the firm’s current employees.

Illuminate Thought Leadership

The “Our Perspectives” platform is designed to showcase the insightful thought leadership the firm produces and publishes weekly. Our experience design teams mapped and powered a navigation system that encourages both intuitive surface intake and deeper dives into focused strata of investment, financial, and business commentary. Presenting financial content doesn't have to be boring; that’s why we leveraged innovative design presentation of typography, charts, quotes, chaptering, and micro-content to ensure the firm’s research comes to life in an engaging way.