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GQ France

GQ is the definitive men’s fashion magazine in America, and this reputation carried over into its French edition, which launched in 2008 and was immediately recognized for its style coverage and bold voice. But GQ France is more than a fashion magazine. In 2013, Code and Theory worked to break this perception with a new, modern website that distinguished it as a leading voice for French men about all lifestyle subjects.

To engage GQ France’s readers with the range of subjects that interest them—technology, travel, pop culture, sports and fashion—Code and Theory developed a new digital framework that showcases the magazine’s key features and its fresh mix of daily content.

The homepage sets the tone for GQ France’s digital experience. It is an entry point designed to expose users to the breadth of the magazine’s content with a new continuous scrolling format and modules that can be customized to package diverse content together or side-by-side. Additionally, the homepage's enhanced flexibility ensures a cohesive and immersive experience by seamlessly incorporating varying sizes of content presentations, photographs and advertisements within the design.

Detail pages are also major entry points into GQ France’s website, pulling significant traffic from search engines and social media websites. Code and Theory built these pages with a design similar to the homepage—related content is presented as a user scrolls to the bottom of the article in order to drive more traffic into content verticals.

Lifestyle coverage on is further expanded to capitalize on the interest of GQ readers with three new sections: Watches, for the discerning shopper; Sports and Cars, a lifestyle perspective on athletics and motor vehicles; and Video, an inline experience featuring exclusive GQ content.

GQ France’s new website reflects its position as the leading multi-thematic men’s magazine in France, but it will always be for destination menswear trends. Style Academie is the heart of this coverage; it tackles a new style question for readers every day. Code and Theory created a new Style Academie module on the homepage, and also a new page for the franchise was built with a drop-down format that makes it easier for users to access the next Academie tip, and a tool that enables users to filter the information based on their interests.