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Being more of a news site than a gadget blog, Engadget.com wanted to revitalize their design and resurface their archived content. It was also crucial to find a solution for the problematic blog bounce rate. Engadget offers a wealth of valuable content that can easily get lost within the pages and pages of archives. Many of the articles that are featured on the site are part of a history of stories, and it was imperative to create an environment that makes navigating through that timeline of content seamless.

Due to the typical Blogroll format, Code and Theory recognized that many of the top stories were being pushed further down the page as new posts were added each day. We created a two-tier solution for this particular obstacle. The first is a full page-width Hero area which has the ability to feature any piece of curated Engadget content. The second solution is the Top Stories Grid, which acts as a floatation device for stories that don't deserve to drown under the wave of new posts—thus keeping them afloat above the blogroll.

The approachable writing style of the site is a key element of Engadget's success, so it was important to add faces to the names that are responsible for all of the charismatic content. Adding an Editors button to the main navigation was an obvious answer to drawing more attention, but we took it even further and created a module that pulls a creative quote from featured contributors and can be found on multiple pages throughout the site. Each editor also has a dedicated page that includes a flavorful bio, their personal gadgets of choice, and lists of their recent articles and reviews.

Revitalizing the Hub

Engadget created "hub" pages of curated content that had a single point of interest. Code and Theory embraced these pages and elaborated, creating a total of 3 different types: Product Hub, Event Hub, and Topic Hub. These pages become a one-stop-shop for all multimedia content of any particular item of interest. We have included a 360° At A Glance module showcasing all forms of media that are included. The module titled Follow the Saga reveals all articles related to that item of interest in a timeline format.

The new site layout and functionality will propel Engadget even further as the leader of tech news on the web.

Evolving E-Commerce To Fit Modern Audiences

We are shaping the digital transformation of the industry by creating strong connections between audiences and brands.

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Gawker | Don't Call It A Comeback.

An entertaining and engaging experience, all while still bringing a touch of class and sophistication.

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Evolving the Financial Services Model

We’re transforming an antiquated industry through cutting-edge design and driving the future of finance forward.

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Artists don't just make art. They make money too.

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Transfiguring An Integrated Student, Parent And Educator Experience

<p><strong>Transfiguring An Integrated</strong> Student, Parent And Educator Experience</p>

Transfiguring an integrated student, parent and educator experience.

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Rally| Elevating The Site Experience For A Crypto Pioneer

Elevating The Site Experience For a Crypto Pioneer

<p><strong>Elevating The Site Experience</strong> For a Crypto Pioneer</p>

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Building a future vision for Clean Energy in New York

ConEd tapped us as AOR to lead an integrated, purpose-driven marketing partnership to educate a multitude of audiences

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  • A new brand strategy that ties ConEd’s clean energy vision to its purpose
  • An integrated creative campaign to showcase ConEd’s clean energy vision to its customers
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