Dr Pepper’s Band in a Bubble was an interactive multimedia event that brought new meaning to “up close and personal.” Atlanta-based, Epic recording artists, Critically acclaimed rock band Cartel entered an oversized glass bubble on Hudson River Park’s Pier 54 in New York City during a live MTV broadcast on May 24th, 2008 and stayed there for 20 days until the bubble “burst” on June 12th for a live concert that officially kicked-off the RiverRocks Summer concert series.

Code and Theory designed and developed the drpepperbubble.com experience, where 23 Web cameras captured every waking moment, from the band members’ creative differences while recording their new album, to appearances by special guests. Site visitors were invited to submit song lyrics, album art covers, and t-shirt designs, and their best submissions were rewarded with airtime on the MTV show. Additionally, visitors were encouraged to go to the pier, and then post their own videos and photos of the event.

Code and Theory created the user interface and interaction design, handled the overall site development, and built a custom video player, a custom content management system, and a user-generated content tool. Site visitors could also get behind-the-scenes access, watch exclusive content, post messages for the band and for each other, vote on interactive polls, and get special extras.

dr pepper band in the bubble