Citi Ventures

D10X: A Mobile Banking Service for a New Generation

Citi Ventures is a department of Citibank tasked with accelerating innovation and experimentation of new products and services for its teams and customers. For more than two years, Citi Ventures has engaged Code and Theory to explore, craft and test a large series of innovative mobile services based on a native mobile design environment in order to inform short- and long-term plans for customers' mobile apps.

How to Rapidly Innovate in a Slow, Large Organization

Code and Theory was tasked with injecting new thinking and processes into the D10X incubator program to facilitate stronger ideation and validate hypotheses based on qualitative user research and rapid prototyping. The program needed not only to scale, but also to generate insights and provide larger value to the bank.

A Bespoke Approach to Design Thinking

Code and Theory identified and prioritized user problems and workshopped non-traditional solutions with stakeholders. Alongside Citi Ventures, we designed and tested over 50 products and conducted over 200 hours of user interviews.

Product Launch

In addition to exploring new concepts, one of the main goals and KPIs for Citi Ventures is to launch products to the market for various audiences. Our partnership in innovation extends to the realization of advanced product design and development, including the creation of highly personalized data-driven mechanisms.

We worked closely with Citi’s development team to bring products to market, including completing full development and data modeling for complex products.

Digital Portfolio Management and Strategic Consulting

By auditing our research and presenting monthly learnings to internal staff, Code and Theory identified knowledge gaps and opportunities ranging from the tactical to the strategic within the portfolio.

Changing the Blueprint for Innovation

Between 2016 and 2018, we developed 50 different PoCs with 50 different Citibank teams in the US and the UK, and collected positive consumer feedback through a controlled research process.

Our work has received wide global praise across the C-suite at the bank. The process has not only yielded a number of successful products, but the approach is changing the blueprint for how Citi Ventures pursues innovation and demonstrates its value to the organization.