H&R Block

Block Advisors


Using Digital To Unlock An Untapped Market

For a number of years, H&R Block had been quietly offering a premium tax preparation and planning service under the auspices of “H&R Block Premium.” Simultaneously, but separately, their Small Business Advisory targeted entrepreneurs and the self-employed with financial guidance. Considering the overlap in the audiences for these products, the company saw potential in merging these distinct offerings.

Block Advisors would be the company’s first-ever full-service, fully-personalized tax preparation and planning service for people making between 75 and 150K a year.

The User Questions

“Why should I trust Block Advisors with complex taxation and financial challenges?”

“Why would I need year-round tax and financial support?”

Block Advisors - Design Element

A Singular Service Built Around You

H&R Block's premium audience segment ranges from young professionals, to single parents, to shop owners, family farm-owners, churches, dental practices, and multi-generational practices. And we needed a single brand and message apt for all.

Our response: build Block Advisor’s digital platform around three unique, but congruent groups: You, Your Family, Your Business.

Aspirational By Design

At every touchpoint, we wanted to give clients and prospects the opportunity to see themselves, their financial situations, and their life trajectories reflected in the site. That’s why we played with client aspirations, fueling and tapping into goals like an individual’s aspiration to start a family, or grow their business. We sought to answer the evolving questions that come with personal and financial development.


Tailored Testimonials

In order to give users a sense of the attention and consideration they can expect with a Block Advisors account, the site serves up testimonials and advisor biographies that resonate with each particular sub-audience. For the individual who has never worked with H&R Block before, testimonials focus on the services themselves, and the flexibility of the program to grow with your finances. For families, testimonials reference an advisor with kids. For businesses, testimonials are weighted toward the results you can expect from working with a Block Advisor, followed by higher-level information and content resources.


Content That Converts

Similar to our launch of H&R Block’s Expat Taxation Service, we used content like articles and infographics to convey that Block Advisors had the wherewithal to handle even the most complex, backed-up tax and business challenge. Taking inspiration from our work with publishers like The Huffington Post and Bloomberg, we crafted original articles and content for SEO, designing them as entry-points to the conversion funnel.

Segmenting and Pathing

We specifically targeted small businesses with blog content and webinars focused around the issues facing today’s small businesses—and we strategically laced this content with CTAs into the conversion funnel. Above all, the Block Advisors website was a marketing space that offered basic conversion-to completion, such as “find an office nearby” or “find an advisor.” Our goal was to path users toward greater and greater faith in Block Advisors’ expertise, and entice them with the promise of personalized, focused service.