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Transformation initiatives often reveal organizational problems. You can either be set up to fail (like 68% of companies), or you can identify and embrace gaps, find the right model(s) for your organization, and adapt.

Every company faces a combination of problems that hinder transformation efforts, from misalignment to lack of vision, silos, fragmentation, and more. We identified six key factors in most transformation efforts: vision, alignment, creation, capabilities, speed, and culture. Organizations must honestly identify their own strengths and gaps against each factor to guide their transformation accordingly.

This guide proposes a new definition of digital transformation — which we call Design Transformation — adapted to today’s challenges, increasing an organization’s readiness for change, and embracing the fact that transformation never ends.

Our Transformation Principles

Those four principles fundamentally guide our approach to Design Transformation:

Our Transformation Principles

Those four principles fundamentally guide our approach to Design Transformation:

  • 01

    Transformation: It’s in the action.

    An impactful transformation emerges from a combination of deep thinking and bold actions called design.

  • 02

    Transformation is external and internal.

    Design Transformation entails solving internal problems to maximize external impact.

  • 03

    Transformation is the art of readiness.

    Transformation enables a company to achieve its long-term goals by navigating ambiguity in a world fraught with perpetual change.

  • 04

    Transformation never stops.

    Transformation reinforces your business’s value and longevity. Therefore, transformation is ongoing and should be considered an intrinsic part of a company’s business model.

Who is this guide for?

We created this Practical Guide to Design Transformation for decision-makers who don’t accept the status quo in their organization.

We understand finding the right operating model for transformation in an overwhelmingly complex and multifaceted environment can be challenging. We also recognize how critical it is for business leaders to push their teams to think forward, in a creative and innovative way while they contribute to the company transformation effort. Lastly, we have built this guide for leaders who understand a transformation journey is much more than new capabilities, processes, or strategic decks, but also entails vision, culture, and mindset.

Design Transformation is the practice of increasing a company’s readiness to navigate uncertainty

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