Director Of Technology

Our Technology Director ensures Code and Theory delivers innovative, immersive web experiences that delight our clients and their customers. We are always striving to balance the demanding nature of working on cutting-edge technologies with the real world demands of high performance, high security, and accessibility. Working in collaboration with our multi-disciplinary engineering, design, and quality assurance teams, you will build software that solves real-world problems for incredible clients.

Senior Technical Directors at Code and Theory lead complex technical programs that can span across multiple projects, for major accounts (Fortune 50/Fortune 100 companies). They understand our client-partners business needs, and collaborate with other agency disciplines to tailor the right technical solutions to support our clients KPIs and future-proof their organizations. They manage multiple teams of engineers that accomplish this work.

You are a passionate advocate for software quality, its role in our society, and its relationship to technology. You deeply understand nuances of how to achieve experiences which are high performance while being cutting-edge, immersive and impressive for the end user.


  • Be a hands-on leader and coach to engineering teams in successfully delivering scalable, maintainable, and secure features to our customers; serving as a role model for code quality, process, and improvements
  • Leverage advanced TypeScript/JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, etc) as well as modern styling frameworks (Tailwind, MUI, CSS Modules, etc) on modern content, commerce, or custom applications
  • Conduct technical audits to present software architectural recommendations to clients in the format of a Technical Approach Document that outlines the software and hosting architecture, software “bill of materials,” development strategy, and technical best practices
  • Work on all aspects of web products, including implementation of the design wireframes, high-fidelity designs, animation/motion, business logic, interfaces to the backend APIs, incorporating analytics & SEO, performance and security
  • Partner closely with the growth team in developing proposals and pitches through user research and emerging technologies to drive innovation and shape product ideas
  • Collaborate with project leadership to control the project’s scope, ensure proper development workflow, and the project is successfully delivered on time and on budget
  • Understand and define client requirements, and create strategic relationships with technical stakeholders at client organizations
  • Work with the quality assurance department to set up the right testing activities (manual, automation, security, load/performance, accessibility, etc)
  • Collaborate with DevOps team to setup and deliver necessary infrastructure (environments, build systems, CI/CD, etc) for the development and productionization of the project
  • Build and manage a diverse and geographically dispersed team, while fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment
  • Ensure all teams complete assigned tasks in a timely manner within project constraints
  • Cultivate a collaborative working environment and a culture of technical ownership


  • Overall 18+ years of experience with 10+ years minimum experience in software programming, specializing in UI engineering and the full stack of web application development
  • A world-class portfolio of distinctive digital web products or websites, and a love for clean & efficient code
  • Extensive experience with the TypeScript and JavaScript ecosystem from advanced frameworks (React, Angular, Svelte, Vue, Solid.js) to runtimes and servers (Express, Hapi, Node.js, deno, bun, etc), to CSS-in-JS styling and component frameworks (Tailwind, MUI, CSS Modules, etc)
  • Extensive experience thinking and building flexible and scalable Design Systems that follow the Atomic Design or equivalent principles. Using tools like Storybook as a robust delivery for well-documented, living design systems
  • Extensive experience implementing robust testing plans for UI systems which ensure that regressions are minimized and the team can have high confidence making substantial changes at high velocity
  • Proven understanding of application architecture and performance optimization techniques, with the ability to leverage modern technologies and frameworks that are compatible with one another
  • Experience with coding complex animations (GSAP, Spring, Framer, Lottie), data visualization (D3, Chart.js), and canvas interfaces (WebGL, Three.js, React Three Fiber)
  • Deep experience with version control systems (Git, GitHub) and modern development workflows (Agile, SCRUM)
  • Experience with and ability to troubleshoot CI/CD platforms, CDNs, and hosting services
  • Passionate for web accessibility and security, as well as knowledge of the latest guidelines and standards of WCAG 2.1 AA+
  • Must be a compelling and clear communicator; able to explain the full possibilities of the tech stack/architecture and represent your team to internal and external audiences with differing levels of technical fluency
  • Exposure working and responding to RFP/RFI requirements for global customers, effort estimation, and scope prioritization
  • Proven experience leading a geographically dispersed technical team
  • Act as product evangelist with deep curiosity on technology trends and being able to go deep into technology and relate technical enhancements to build a product vision
  • Possess a strong foundation in building scalable, reliable, and high-performance systems
  • Self-motivated and focused on achieving excellence as a tea


Born in 2001, Code and Theory is a digital-first creative agency that sits at the center of creativity and technology. We pride ourselves on not only solving consumer and business problems, but also helping to establish new capabilities for our clients. With a global client roster of Fortune 100s and start-ups alike, we crave the hardest problems to solve. With a remote-first approach to our people, we have teams distributed across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The Code and Theory global network of agencies is growing and includes Kettle, Mediacurrent, Rhythm, and TrueLogic.

Striving never to be pigeonholed, we work across every major category: from tech to CPG, financial services to travel & hospitality, government and education to media and publishing. We value the collaboration with our client partners, including but not limited to Adidas, Amazon, Con Edison, Diageo, EY, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lenovo, Marriott, Mars, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, and TikTok.

The Code and Theory network is comprised of nearly 2,000 people with 50% engineers and 50% creative talent. We’re always on the lookout for smart, driven, and forward-thinking people to join our team.