Frontend Developer - Core Platform, Manila Office

Front-end Developers play a critical role in most projects at Code and Theory. They are actively involved throughout the project lifecycle, oftentimes starting with rapid prototypes early in the design phase. In some cases, the end goal is high-fidelity prototypes, but most of the time the developers will ultimately be writing clean, production-ready code, which will be integrated with the backend/APIs and refined via the QA process.

A Front-end Developer will remain engaged through the launch to ensure that everything functions and performs at the highest level and must work very closely with the design team, not only to identify gaps and vet the designs for feasibility but also to help inform the experience design through a technical lens. This is particularly important in the increasingly responsive web, where developers and designers need to work hand-in-hand to find solutions to a wide range of design challenges.

This role is specifically responsible for working with our Enterprise team to maintain our proprietary internal agency management system.


What you will be working on

Code and Theory built and maintains a custom internal tool for agency management. As it’s a very dynamic product with new features and updates continuously being added, we are looking for developers to focus on building and improving the product.  As well, the position will be assisting with the product’s rebuild as Version 2 at some point in 2022. 

Your responsibilities

Your role is to work with the team handling the technology of this proprietary product. Using existing and future technologies, you will be working with people across our global offices to make sure that the product not only functions today but also adapts and scales together with the business’ changing needs.


During the management of the custom internal tool project:

  • Get onboarded onto the different internal software systems and tooling in use 
  • Participate in workshops to determine the best way to advance existing features and develop new features
  • Start implementing these features with the support of your Technical Director, other Frontend and Backend developers, and DevOps engineers 

Throughout the project/program lifecycle:

  • Participate in agile ceremonies to groom tasks/stories and plan sprint collaboratively with the larger team
  • Work across different technical stacks, leveraging various frontend techniques
  • Develop expertise in delivering best-in-class experiences with advanced features
  • Integrate code with other technologies (REST Web Services, 3rd party APIs, etc.)


Technical skills: 

  • 3+ years of front-end focused web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    • Experience with front-end libraries such as Bootstrap, Fuel UX, jQuery, validate.js, underscore-min.js, MomentJS
  • Knowledge and/or experience with CodeIgniter
  • Experience with responsive development
  • Extensive experience with a CSS pre-processor (preferably Sass)
  • Extensive experience with cross-browser compatibility
  • Experience with source control (preferably Git)
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and CSS animation techniques
  • Experience with decoupled architectures, as well as back-end integration and server-side templating
  • Demonstrated knowledge of client-side performance analysis and optimization techniques
  • Experience with at least one frontend framework (React.js, Angular.js, etc.) 
  • Some experience with client-side templating (e.g., Mustache.js, Handlebars.js)
  • Knowledge and/or experience with PHP Laravel is a plus 

Other required skills: 

  • You can look at wireframes or designs, evaluate their complexity, and plan the work you need to do in collaboration with your Technical Leads and the rest of the team
  • Experience working with Enterprise software systems & internal teams
  • Experience with current Design tools such as Figma and Zeplin is a plus 


  • 3+ years of working experience as a Frontend Developer
  • Bachelor's/College Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent is a plus