Group Director, Inclusive Design & Marketing Strategy

As Group Director of Inclusive Design & Marketing Strategy, you will partner with our Chief Diversity Officer and agency leadership to continue building our external facing DE&I philosophies working primarily on two types of assignments: campaign development and digital ecosystem strategy. 

Campaign development responsibilities are full lifecycle, including brand planning, creative briefing, supporting creative development, connection planning and content planning. Digital ecosystem strategy requires being skilled in a diverse digital toolset, from understanding complex organizations, how to achieve ROI-driven business success through digital ecosystems and platforms, and product creation and development strategies.

You should possess subject matter expertise across most of the following strategy disciplines and topic areas:

  • Campaign development
  • Content development
  • Branding
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Digital paid media 
  • Social media platforms 
  • Digital experiences, services, and platform


  • Continue to build out the Inclusive Design & Marketing Strategy Department at Code and Theory
  • Work with Agency Leadership to grow the Inclusive Design & Marketing practice
  • Accountable for overall success of inclusive strategy on client engagements: this role is the lead on every project they staff
  • Proactively lead the development of inclusive strategy for agency client engagements and present findings to senior client stakeholders
  • Leading development of materials required to support business development opportunities as required, including both written and creative deliverables 
  • Structuring and leading creative brainstorms in order to ensure adherence to overall strategy; driving key decisions and communicate results to broader project team
  • Contributing to overall quality of strategy department by shaping project activities and deliverable formats, and by presenting work at department meetings


  • Experience in digital, social impact, cause marketing and/or advertising
  • Digital experience a must, with proven experience in creating assets and experiences for digital ecosystems 
  • Expertise in DE&I, social impact and/or cause marketing is a must
  • Deep experience with qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and knowledge of when and how to apply them to client challenges
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills—you will be presenting to C-level stakeholders at client organizations on high-profile assignments 
  • B2B and B2C experience desired
Code and Theory is a strategically driven, digital-first creative agency that lives at the intersection of creativity and technology. We solve consumer and business problems across the entire customer journey that flex to meet the ever-changing needs of consumer expectations. We put the user, their behaviors and needs, at the center of everything we do — from our proprietary research methodologies, to product development processes, to how we create brand, channel and messaging strategies. Our goal is simple: to solve our clients business problems.

We bring big ideas to life by looking holistically at brand ecosystems where digital plays a prominent role in driving the consumer from first-touch through to conversion to relationship deepening over time. We identify gaps in the consumer journey and opportunities in culture that require products, services or communications to fill. We work across categories, ranging as far and wide as health care (Pfizer, Sanofi, Reach MD, Bioreference Laboratories) to financial services (JP Morgan Chase, Prudential, Morgan Stanley, First Data) to cpg (Mars, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson) to technology companies (Facebook, Xerox, Samsung, Comcast) to culture brands (adidas, H&M). And because our DNA is in publishing — we’ve embedded in over 135 newsrooms in the past decade — we bring unique expertise in understanding how content is created, distributed and optimized, including our work with CNN, NBC News, NBC Sports, and Bustle Digital Group.

At Code and Theory, we strive to only be limited by our own ambition and creativity. We believe in pushing our creativity beyond the easy and obvious answers in order to deliver the solutions that are right for our clients, their businesses, and their consumers.

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We Are a Digital-First Creative Agency

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Code and Theory is a strategically driven, digital-first agency that lives at the intersection of creativity and technology. We solve consumer and business problems with end-to-end solutions that flex to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

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