Technical Directors at Code and Theory lead complex technical projects. They understand our client-partners business needs, and tailor the right technical stack to support these KPIs and future-proof their organizations.

In your first few months, you can expect to: 

During the early stages of a project/program:

  • Conduct technical audits, 
  • Iteratively select every part of the recommended technical stack through a collaborative and transparent process
  • Present software architectures and infrastructures recommendations
  • Provide detailed technical recommendations in the format of a Technical Approach document that outlines the software and hosting architecture, development best practices, etc.

In your first year, you will: 

During the design and development phase of these projects/programs:

  • Ensure the proper delivery of the project (on time, on budget)
  • Pair with the producer to control the project’s scope
  • Ensure that the proper development workflow and project delivery process are followed (backlog, grooming, etc.)
  • Work with DevOps engineers to deliver environments, CI/CD, etc.
  • Work with the QA department to set up the right testing activities (manual, automated, security, load/performance, accessibility, etc.)
  • Assist the developers in their day to day activities
  • Be involved in client meetings (stand ups, steering committees) to manage the client communication and communicate progress.

Throughout the project/program lifecycle:

  • Actively pursue business opportunities with the rest of the code pod (especially DRI) to convert them into actual projects 

To succeed in this role you should have:

  • Technical skills:
    • Experience delivering high traffic sites
    • Experience architecting cloud-based infrastructures to support these sites
    • Hands-on experience both in frontend development (HTML, CSS, JS) and backend development (PHP, .NET, Java)
    • Experience with some advanced JS frameworks (Angular.js, React.js, etc.) as well as CSS pre-processors (Sass, Less) and task runners (Grunt, Gulp)
    • Experience with one major Opensource CMS (Drupal, WordPress)
    • Experience with one major proprietary CMS (Sitecore, AEM)
    • Experience delivering mobile applications, either using native technologies (Java, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin), JavaScript (React Native, Vue Native), or Hybrid (Cordova)
    • Experience using one major E-commerce platform: Magento, Hybris, Demandware/Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    • Extensive experience working with GIT
    • You have experience with multi-tier caching, and have worked with systems like Varnish, Memcache, Redis, CDNs (Akamai, Cloudfront), etc.
  • Other required skills:
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills
    • Able to simplify complex technical concepts for a non-technical audience
    • Experience leading development teams, you know SCRUM and know how to run code reviews
    • You can look at wireframes or designs, evaluate their complexity, and plan the work of the development team (breaking down tasks, creating timelines and project backlogs)
    • You are comfortable working with multiple 3rd party vendors for integration and support
    • You’re used to participating in the requirements-gathering process for new projects
    • You’re passionate about learning more, and are excited to collaborate with other team members across IxD, Visual Design and Engineering
    • You’ll actively participate in the evolution of our technologies and technology practices, occasionally pitch new technologies that you believe in, and participate in workshops to learn new skills 
  • Education/Background:
    • B.S/M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
    • 7+ years of full stack web development
    • 5+ years of experience as Technical Director or Team Leader
    • Prior agency experience