Executive Producers at Code and Theory are cool, calm leaders who are able to streamline the creative process for everyone in the working environment by taking pressure off of designers and clients. Designers and clients aren’t always in sync, and our Executive Producers are there to cut through the static, and set into motion project plans that result in impressive design solutions.



Our Executive Producers are responsible for overall client and creative satisfaction. They do this by coordinating the on-time, on-budget completion of deliverables across a portfolio of accounts and client groups. This person is also a manager, mentor and calming presence for Producers and Associate Producers. On an average day, it’s highly possible that you’ll:

  • identify, manage, and triage critical project issues such as staffing, budget management, project delays, resourcing, team morale, team output, creative decisions and technical hurdles.
  • take responsibility for overall account leadership to develop executive-level client relationships across a portfolio of multimillion-dollar accounts. 
  • oversee producers and creative teams from beginning to end of each engagement.
  • develop a client engagement strategy and implement it on all levels of production.
  • research latest trends and production innovations.
  • manage account-level P&L by negotiating statements of work and retainers, making sure work is delivered on budget, and responsible for the cash-flow (invoicing, receivables, etc). 
  • hire, inspire and mentor producers on production methodology, financial processes, and PM skills.
  • open the lines of communication between client and creative.
  • lead weekly meetings and client presentations.
  • motivate and engage the team to produce the best possible results.
  • resolve potential conflicts and red flags.
  • serve as an escalation point for all teams and clients, helping clarify the progress of a project.


While we are an open and inclusive group at Code and Theory, we do have some concrete asks for this position. To most effectively perform as an Executive Producer  you should have:

  • 7-10 years in the Digital Agency industry or related experience, overseeing a portfolio of accounts of integrated projects, and managing large creative team and clients.
  • excellent leadership, communication and contract negotiation skills.
  • experience in large budget management (>$2M) 
  • the ability to define solutions that will generate measurable results for the client.
  • a deep understanding of project management, workflow and infrastructure.
  • experience running large engagements with Fortune 500 clients.
  • the ability to manage large interdisciplinary teams of 15+ people.
  • proven experience managing multi-million dollar accounts successfully.
  • proven experience managing P&L, quality assurance and compliance processes.
  • strategy, design, and product development experience.
  • experience and expertise across various projects types, including responsive websites, mobile/tablet applications, experiential, campaign, video, brand, and strategic consulting.
  • a network of content and experiential partners, as well as vendor contacts.


Our Executive Producers have a thick skin, a clear vision and a passion for the design world. They put strong interpersonal skills to use internally - and with our clients - so the ability to take and give constructive feedback seamlessly is invaluable. Working with Code and Theory, you’ll keep several plates spinning by deftly shepherding the client and internal teams through your comprehensive plan. Expert-level nimbleness means you won’t get bogged down with minutia, and you’ll hype the team up to get our best-in-class work across the finish line - every time!