Launching the New Digital Home for Tomorrow's Filmmakers

After SXSW was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic, Mailchimp approached Code and Theory to create a global digital destination for the 70+ short films that were slated to premiere during the festival. As a creative agency, we knew the opportunity to help other creatives — from high schoolers to professional filmmakers alike — was bigger than us. Tasked with a seven-day deadline and a newly remote team, we immediately sprang into action.

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After quickly developing an agile working model, we crafted a bold visual identity system, pulling references from Mailchimp’s winking monkey, the iconic yellow subtitles found in foreign films, and film festival motifs such as wristbands. In parallel, we immediately began prototyping and then as the design coalesced, Code and Theory aligned with Mailchimp's technical team's requirements, quickly designing a single page application within a few days on their internal servers. Twice-daily scrums and client feedback sessions allowed us to quickly address issues that were raised and port the codebase to Mailchimp's infrastructure seamlessly. The result? A simple yet bold, immersive experience that keeps the focus squarely on the films and creates a much-needed sense of creative community.

The successful launch of #SupportTheShorts proves the magic that can happen when agility, clear communication, and a shared sense of purpose converge.

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