Aug 5 2019

The SXSW 2020 Interactive PanelPicker is now open! We'd love your support in getting Code and Theory's session submissions picked. We plan to show up big this year with two great talks and know that every vote counts.

Vote here for The Devil in Discourse by Code and Theory Founder and CEO, Dan Gardner:

How can we change the embarrassing state of online discussion? No one needs to be told that online discourse can be toxic. Whether you make comments on news sites or not, the discussion is usually profane, stress-inducing, and carried on with all the facts and logic of a playground fight. It's time to go back to basics. Discourse is a necessary and positive step to expose people of new perspectives. Without it, we just reinforce what we already think. Dan will explore the ins and outs of discourse and discuss the necessary steps to promoting healthy online communication.

Vote here for Death to the "Big Idea", by Code and Theory President, Michael Treff:

The Big Idea isn’t dead...but it should be. At Code and Theory we work with clients whose marketing teams have access to new distribution channels and nearly limitless data, and yet they are still looking for one breakthrough idea that can transform the brand and appeal to everyone. Companies today face a multiple problems that must be approached and answered differently. What’s needed is not one Big Idea, but instead a connected system of solutions. Hear Michael Treff discuss the necessary steps to pushing your client or brand past the artifice that ONE idea can transform a brand and appeal to everyone. The traditional brand strategy is alive and well, and it is hurting your company.


Thank you for your support!