Feb 20 2014

On the evening of February 20, a crowd of social media marketers, creatives, and industry experts gathered in the Code and Theory library for a special Social Media Week-themed debate about design's place in social media. 

Steve Baer, our emcee for the evening, presented the motion: "Does design really matter in social media?

The "for" team included, Corey Gehrt, Creative Strategist at Code and Theory, Alexis Kaplan, Brand Strategist at Tumblr and Clare Brown, Social Media Manager at Maybelline New York. 

The "against" team featured Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, Anna Schilawski, Social Media Manager at essie, and Sarah Maloy, the Social Media Manager at Shutterstock. 

Up for discussion were a range of topics:

UGC collaboration and curation – How do you involve fans without diluting the brand aesthetic?

Designing for your audience and designing for your brand – What’s the balance?

SOCIAL MEDIA DESIGN – What were 2013’s biggest hits and misses?

In the end, the "against" team – led by the valiant Apu Gupta – managed to capture a whopping 26 percent of the audience votes, up from just 10 percent at the beginning of the night.

While the "against" team enjoyed their moment of glory in swaying audience perception, both debate teams ultimately agreed that there really wasn't a right or wrong answer to the motion – design should always be a major consideration in any social media marketing campaign.