Senior Content Strategists at Code and Theory help our clients transform their approaches to content planning, development, management, and measurement. We are pushing our clients towards a future of fully connected content experiences—creating new spaces to communicate across touchpoints and environments. We like to think of ourselves as digital closet organizers and merchandisers of valuable information, crafting meaningful experiences for people around the world.



You’ll work closely through all project stages with Creative Strategy, Experience Strategy, Engineering, Data, Analytics and Research teams to design and build digital-to-physical ecosystems that require content to perform complex functions with measurable and optimizable results. Important handoffs to Copywriters, Visual Designers, Developers, and Client-Side product owners, will be an important event, ensuring the strategic vision is well-executed and expertly managed.

Working with clients at the global enterprise scale means sifting through huge amounts of data and unraveling complex legacy ecosystems. Your job is to help craft methodologies for understanding the current state of content programmatically, while freeing up mental space to craft meaningful, engaging experiences that resonate with the right audiences at the right time to support unique business goals.



We are open-minded, forward-thinking, and excited to meet you -- especially if you…:

  • Bring 4-6 years’ experience working in the content strategy, content management, or content marketing space
  • Meticulously organized your toy closet as a kid (Stuffed animals grouped by species? We’re looking at you.)
  • Have just as much fun nerding out with copywriters as you do with data modelers
  • Can go deep with data (think: content models, taxonomy schema, and natural language processing), and set the stage for creative execution teams (think: page-level architecture, narrative journeys, and editorial planning)
  • Show up with positivity and excitement around adapting to the changing landscape and finding creative solutions 



Knowing how to call on a mixture of quantitative and qualitative approaches is key. If you’re comfortable thinking about content from its most technical and structural to its most emotional and creative aspects, then you’ll be happy to find work spanning the whole range here. Flexibility is essential in decoding the best approach and in working both autonomously and collaboratively.


Code and Theory is an equal opportunity employer, and we value diversity at our company. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status.